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Bruce Cook

From the time I was a young boy I had a fascination with architecture,and in particular, homes. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, the older the house, the better, the more interesting to me.They were like individual life stories, each one had history, secrets,and plenty of character. I paid attention to detail, every aspect of the design, the floor plan, the amenities of any house I entered. It was almost subconscious. Even years later I could recite the floor plan of a house I had been in. Add to that, I spent my free time as a kid drawing houses, exterior
and interiors. I had volumes of drawings before I gave it up in high school.Add to this fascination the fact that I had a privileged youth growing up in a fine home and being exposed to the architecture and design of other exceptional properties in a very elegant city. Fast forward to adult life and I am living in Los Angeles following college at USC. To my parents surprise I did not study architecture. They were certain it was my calling. Instead,television beckoned. The next 25 years were devoted to making TV shows. But along the way,there were plenty of houses bought and sold. With a real estate license for the past thirty plus years, the pursuit of property dreams was a significant part of one man’s passion.Over the last two decades, working with Alison McCormick and team I have proudly been involved in numerous transactions of exceptional Newport Beach and Los Angeles area properties from cottages to condos to family homes to mansions beyond description. Each one represents a unique life story. They are all more than just business transactions. More than just commissions earned. Each transaction represents an important life passage for buyer and seller. We take our responsibility seriously. Please consider allowing me to assist you with your next move in life.